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Tobias 700- at blackmovie Festival -Switzeland

Documentários do Brasil

Documentary filmmaking is living a golden age in Brazil, where it is rooted in a very strong tradition and holds a fundamental position: the entire Brazilian cinema avant-garde took its first steps in documentary filmmaking and every truly great filmmaker has made one. Other signs of the relations between documentary and fictional films appear in the fact that almost every feature film of the past five years was based on a documentary, and that the most emblematic movies in Brazilian documentary cinema, Cabra marcado and Iracema, are hybrid films that mix mise en scène and on the spot takes.

The festival is proud to present the culmination of Brazilian documentary films. Here are some milestones that bring to mind the special features and highlights of this evolution.

Documentary films made up a large part of local production during the first decades of the 20th century and gave birth in the 1950s to a new generation of filmmakers whose practices, esthetics and …