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Geraldo: Who Can I Trust? October 30th - 20:40 - french time on Channel France 5

By: Patrice Barrat e Daniel A. Rubio

For the third time, our reporters will work for Geraldo. Geraldo was the first ‘citizen-investigator’ in 1998, in Geraldo: Why Did I Lose My Job?. In a second investigation, he was asking: Who Benefits for Profit?. Four years later, Geraldo was like many Brazilian, ecstatic when Luis Inacio Lula da Silva became the elected President of Brazil. New hope and new faith in the future were celebrated on the Avenidas of all Brazil. Imagine then the confusion, deep disappointment, and even disillusion which descended on Geraldo when the great corruption scandal of 2005 known as Mensalão scandal engulfed Lula’s government.

Geraldo wants to know, with equal curiosity as the first time, why does corruption in government appear so inevitable? How could it have happened to such a patently honest leader? Is Brazil the most corrupt country in the Word, or are ther worse? Has any country found effective ways to tackle it? How can ordinary citizen-voters become invo…